Friday, January 25, 2008

What should you ask A Yorkie breeder?

There are certain questions you should be asking your Yorkshire Terrier breeder 'before' you buy. Failure to do could result in ending up with a Yorkshire Terrier that has health or behavioral problems.

Breeders that are concerned about advancing the breed, and who care for each of the puppies they have will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They will, in fact, probably want to ask you several of their own before deciding if you are right for their puppy.

As the buyer you should consider getting the following information from the Yorkie breeder:

Does the Yorkie breeder have a contract to purchase that clearly outlines the guarantee of health and a return or refund policy for any Yorkie you purchase?

Does the breeder know or has he/she worked with both the parents of the puppy?

Can the Yorkshire breeder provide a lineage chart for the puppy tracing back several generations?

Will the breeder let you see the other Yorkie dogs in the kennel and is the kennel clean, well maintained and animal friendly?

Are you allowed to see other adult Yorkie dogs and puppies that the breeder owns socialize together?

Does the breeder limit the amount that you handle the pups?

Does the local, state or national breed organization or club recognize the breeder?

How often does the Yorkie breeder allow the female and male to breed and reproduce?
A good Yorkie breeder will be concerned with the safety and health of the puppies, and will only allow serious buyers to handle the puppies.

If you are just inquiring about the breed you may be able to see them from a distance and may be able to interact with the adult dogs. A breeder may also limit how long you are in the kennel with the puppies at any given time, even if you are a serious buyer.

For more information to help you regarding a Yorkie breeder and other Yorkshire Terrier information, please visit our Yorkie web site.